Am I allowed to burn material in my yard?

The standards for open burning are set by the EPA, with the local fire department acting as their enforcing agency.  Lake County is a restricted area due to pollution levels, and therefore, no open burning of refuse is permitted.  This includes any yard waste, which will be picked up with the trash if it is bundled at the curb.  Permission for certain ceremonial and recreational fires can be granted by the fire department, with the proper permits.  See the section on forms copies of the permit.

Can the fire department dispose of hazardous substances for me?

The fire department does not have the capacity to dispose of hazardous liquids or materials.  Lake county does offer a hazardous materials dumping program twice a year at the county fairgrounds for disposal of hazardous waste.  Visit the county website for further details.

What are the rules concerning fireworks in the city?

Any fireworks, other than class A works (ex. sparklers and smoke bombs) are forbidden to be discharged in the state of Ohio by anyone who is not a licensed and certified fireworks technician.  It is legal to sell certain fireworks in the state, but not for use in this state.  For further explanation check out the Ohio Revised Code or call the Fire Prevention Bureau 440-257-7183.