Special Programs

Community Reinvestment Area Program

Tax Exemption Program

The entire City of Mentor-on-the-Lake has designated a CRA to offer incentives and encourage economic stability, maintain real property values, and generate new employment opportunities. Tax abatements for improvements to real property will be granted for the following situations:

Residential Properties- Single Family, Owner Occupied

• Ten year, 100% abatement for the remodeling of every single family, owner occupied residential dwelling upon which the cost of remodeling is at least $2,500, as described in ORC Section 3735.67;

• Fifteen year, 100% abatement for the construction of  a single family, owner occupied dwelling, as described in ORC Section 3735.67.

Commercial or Industrial Property – Negotiated on a Case by Case Basis

• Up to, and including, twelve years, and up to, and including, 100% abatement for the remodeling of existing commercial or industrial or residential facilities that contain three or more units and upon which the cost of remodeling is at least $5,000, as described in ORC Section 3735.67;

• Up to, and including, fifteen years, and up to and including, 100% abatement for the construction of new commercial or industrial facilities.

All commercial or industrial exemptions will be negotiated on a case by case basis in advance of all construction occurring. 

• Own property within the City of Mentor-on-the-Lake.

To Qualify for a CRA Exemption, You Must:

• Obtain all necessary permits through the Lake County Building Department and Mentor-on-the-Lake Zoning Department.

• File an aplication with the City of Mentor-on-the-Lake Administrator/ Housing Officer.

• Attach a copy of the legal description of your property to your application.

How to Apply:

For Residential projects:
When your application is received by the City of Mentor-on-the-Lake, it is reviewed for completeness, and the allowable abatement term is determined by the Housing Officer and City Council.

Once approved, your application is forwarded to the Real Estate Division of the Lake County Auditor’s Office for certification. A copy of the abatement-certified application is then returned by the Auditor’s Office to the City of Mentor-on-the-Lake. You will receive an official notification from the City of Mentor-on-the-Lake that your request for abatement has been approved and certified by the Lake County Auditor.

For Commercial projects:
Commercial abatement requests are determined on a case by case basis, prior to any improvements being started. Please complete the application and submit to City Hall.  Upon receipt, the Housing Officer will verify the location and zoning requirements, and additional information will be requested.  Once approved, the allowable abatement will be determined.  Then, your application is forwarded to the school districts within the jurisdiction of the CRA for their review.  During this time the school district may provide back comments or concerns. After the approved school district review period the application is sent to the Lake County Auditor’s Office Real Estate Division for certification.     

Abatement Takes Effect:

The approved tax abatement begins in the year following the calendar year in which the certification is made to the Lake County Auditor. (For example: if you applied for and were granted, abatement during the 2017 calendar year, your abatement will be applied to your tax bill in year 2018; payable in year 2019)

Examples of Qualified Improvements:

Click here for a list of improvement examples that are qualified, and not qualified for the CRA program as provided by the Lake County Auditor’s Office.

Community Reinvestment Area Tax Exemption Program Application