Boards and Commissions

Charter appointed Boards and Commissions

Board of Zoning Appeals

Brandi Montgomery (term ends 12/31/24) 
Ray Gieling (term ends 12/31/25)
Thomas Fratus (term ends 12/31/25)
Mike Sweeney, Planning & Zoning Rep
Michelle Moore, Council Rep 

Contact Information: (440) 257-7216
[email protected]
*Meets the third Monday of the month
(as needed) at 7:00 p.m.*
Meeting Minutes

Parks and Recreation Board

Catherine Roos (term ends 12/31/23)
VACANT (term ends 12/31/23)
Carol Stafinski (term ends 12/31/24)
Bri Moon (term ends 12/31/25)
Kyle Kozlowski (12/31/25)
Jeanette Pechatsko (12/31/25)
Jeannie Wong, Council Rep
, Clerk

Contact Information: (440) 257-7216
[email protected]
*Meets the Thursday following the
2nd Council meeting of each month at 6:30 p.m.*
Meeting Minutes

Civil Service Commission

Brent Moore (term ends 12/31/24)
David Chabut (term ends 12/31/25)            Ron Dohnal (term ends 12/31/25)         
, Clerk

Contact Information: (440) 257-7216
[email protected]
*Meetings are scheduled as needed*
Meeting Minutes


Planning and Zoning Commission

Suzanne Martin Cason
(term ends 12/31/25)
Brent Moore (term ends 12/31/24) 
Gary Leonard (term ends 12/31/25)
Mike Sweeney(term ends 12/31/24)
Jim Lunder, Council Rep

Contact Information: 
(440) 257-7216
[email protected]
*Meets the first Monday of the month
(as needed) at 6:00 p.m.*
Meeting Minutes

Non-Chartered Boards and Commissions

CRA Housing Board ( 3 year term)


Al Buescher                   exp
Ann Shields                   exp
Ray Gieling                    exp
Ron Dohnal                    exp

CRA Tax Incentive Board (no term)

Andy Rose
Lake County Administrator Jason Boyd
Brandon Towns
Ann Shields
Ray Gieling
Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway
Mentor School BOE, Tom Tuttle

Local Board of Income Tax Review (2 year/none)

Renee Sheaffer         12/31/23
Carol Stafinski           12/31/22

Community Development Citizens Advisory (2 year)

Council Rep

Fair Housing Board (3 year)

secretary (vacant)

Records Commission (3 year)

Mayor or appointee – serves as Chairman
Administrative Director
Law Director

To be eligible for appointment to a Board or Commission, the applicant must be a Mentor on the Lake resident for a minimum of two years prior to the appointment, and be a current registered voter.  


If interested in serving on one of our Boards or Commissions, please complete the Volunteer Information Form, and submit it to City Hall or [email protected].


Volunteer Information Form