Police Department

The Mentor-on-the-Lake Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of protection and service to the public.  Enforcement of the Law shall be fairly applied to all persons.  This commitment is borne in our oath, and demonstrated in our words and actions.  We strive to improve our knowledge and abilities in our chose profession.  We recognize that the badge of our office is a symbol of public faith and trust.  We are dedicated to uphold these ideals and objectives, to insure for future generations the freedom and justice that we cherish.
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Together the employees of the Mentor-on-the-Lake Police strive to protect and to serve the citizens of Mentor-on-the-Lake and its visitors. The Police Officer assignments break down as one Chief, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, seventeen Patrol Officers, and one Detective. The support personnel includes eleven Dispatchers who also handle all Records and Court preparation, and one Secretary.


Provide for the enforcement and prosecution of criminal and traffic law; maintain a visible and effective means of preventing criminal activity in order to promote a safe community; maintain a jail to house prisoners awaiting court appearances and serving misdemeanor sentences issued by Mentor Municipal Court.  Traffic law enforcement, accident investigations, and criminal investigations; respond to calls for service from the public; provide officers for calls to reduce conflicts that result from domestic, neighborhood or civil conflicts; respond to calls and provided information to the government agencies; investigate all hazards to the public and call on other agencies to resolve the hazard.


When Mentor-on-the-Lake incorporated as a village on May 11, 1925, the mayor appointed George A. Hausman as Police Justice of the Village by village ordinance #9. Ordinance 71-6, passed February 12, 1971, proclaimed the Village of Mentor-on-the-Lake to be the “City” of Mentor-on-the-Lake.  The Police Department was originally housed in a garage behind the existing City Hall complex, where the tennis courts now exist.  In 1973 the Police Department was moved into the City Hall Complex we currently occupy.