Mayor’s Report

All the Members of Council received a Memo dated November 5, 2020, from Mrs. Bartone concerning the expense approval on the agenda tonight. The is an upgrade of our CMI, the finance and purchasing system we use. This upgrade will allow us remote working capabilities and cut down on the paper processing, a lot of it will be electronic purchasing, electronic checks, just really getting us to where we should have been many years ago. The Administration is hopeful that the Dot-Matrix printer we have had for the last eighty years will eventually go away, and the paper vouchers everyone gets every paycheck will eventually go away with the use of the new software. This is through the CARES Act fund, and the reason this fund is being used is to provide remote capabilities throughout the system.

I received correspondence from Chief Pechatsko on November 16,2020 after the Civil Service Commission met regarding the Fire Department Composition. Ordinance 2020-O-23 amends Ordinance 232.01 and changes Ordinance 230.01, Composition of the Fire Department, to mirror the Police Department. This will allow for better planning in the future and aligns with the Police Department ordinance and composition.

The Civil Service Commission voted and recommends changing the Service Department from classified to non-classified. The change for the part-time fire to not be under civil service will require a Charter Amendment change and would have to go on the ballot for a vote. This could be place on the November 2021 ballot.

I was send a Memo from Ron Graham, Lake County Health Commissioner, to Council and read highlights of the Memo regarding COVID Level in Lake County with is now at a Risk Level 3, or Red Alert and on the watch list for Risk Level 4. There is now a curfew in place from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM with exceptions.
I was copied on a Memo from Chief Gielink to Christine Ball, Police Secretary, thanking her for her work with the assessors at the Ohio Collaborative to received the Department’s final certification for Group 2 and Group 1-RC standards for the Ohio Collaboration.

Our next council meeting is scheduled for November 8th at 7:00 PM. Residents are encouraged attend meetings virtually. Information about how to attend is listed on our website We will also post meeting information on our social media outlets.

As always please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I can be reached at home (440) 257-6029, leave a message at City Hall (440)257-7216, or email me at [email protected] If you have urgent matters requiring immediate attention, please contact our Police Department at (440) 257-7234. Our dispatchers will send an officer out immediately. If you see something in the neighborhood which doesn’t seem right, please call us right away. We respond to all complaints. Follow us on Facebook at City Mentor on the Lake , Mentor on the Lake Fire Department and Mentor on the Lake Police Department for all that’s going on in our city.