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Mayor’s Report – City of Mentor-on-the-Lake

Mayor’s Report

We began 2019 with a City Council organizational meeting on Wednesday, January 2. Council leadership is nominated and appointed by all members of City Council.  Returning from 2018 as council president is Desirea Thompson. Returning from 2018 as council vice-president is Jim Lunder.

In 2018, the Pinehurst sewer project was successfully completed before the school year at Lake Elementary started. This year, we will work our way down Andrews Road and complete the Miami Drive storm project.  We will accept bids for the project sometime in the spring with project completion in the fall of this year. Our next project, already approved by city council, will be Southland Drive sometime in 2020. Improving drainage and infastruture has been a top priority.

We will once again work with the City of Mentor to negotiate great rates for our 2019 concrete and asphalt work which will take place this spring and summer. By combining both road programs , both cities benefit from lower costs.

I would like to thank those residents who volunteer on our city boards and commissions. Some boards and commissions meet once a month and their praticipation is very valuable in operating our city. We have volunteers for our Board of Zoning Appeals, Civil Service Commission, Parks and Recreation Board and Planning and Zoning Commission. We also have a Housing Council and Tax Incentive Council to handle our Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program. This program offers tax incentives for some imporvements made to owner-occupied residences in all of Mentor on the Lake. 

Or Parks and Recreation will meet on Thursday, January 24th at 7:00PM to discuss our 2019 activities along with ways we can promote the walking path behind City Hall.

Filing city tax for 2018 and 2019 will be mandatiry for our residents. We will send out information in the near future on how to file city tax. CCA is our third party provider handling city taxes for Mentor on the Lake.

As always please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I can be reached at home (440) 257-6029, leave a message at City Hall (440)257-7216, or email me at mayor@citymol.org. If you have urgent matters requiring immediate attention, please contact our Police Department at (440) 257-7234. Our dispatchers will send an officer out immediately. If you see something in the neighborhood which doesnt seem right, please call us right away. We respond to all complaints. Follow us on Facebook at City Mentor on the Lake , Mentor on the Lake Fire Department and Mentor on the Lake Police Department for all that’s going on in our city.