Current Vehicles and Apparatus

2513 is a 2008 Sutphen Engine.

The engine seats 6 firefighters including the officer in charge and the engineer. This truck is equipped with multiple hose lines in a crosslay format for quick deployment in our fast attack strategy. For exterior attacks, there is a deck gun on the top of the truck which is capable of flowing 2000gpm of water. On the rear of the truck there is a trash line or rubber hose line that is on a reel for extinguishment of dumpster and car fires. The truck holds 500 gallons of water and has various firefighting tools including: Air packs, axes, a ventilation fan, pry bars, a generator, a roof saws and a variety of lights. 

2519 is a 1993 Peirce Arrow Engine.

The truck is equipped with a 50ft aerial ladder. The ladder has a smoothbore master stream nozzle on the tip capable of pumping 2000gpm of water. This ladder truck seats 6 including the OIC (officer in charge) and the engineer. This truck has 5 crosslay hose lines ready for action and a 500 gallon water tank. This truck also carries, air packs, axes, pry bars, a generator, a ventilation fan, a roof saw and a variety of lights.

2517 is a 1993 International Heavy Rescue Truck.

This truck can seat 2 personnel up front and up to 6  in the rear compartment. This vehicle is used for motor vehicle crashes, water rescue, rope rescue, hazmat incidents, and as a command vehicle. This truck is equipped with a 15,000 watt generator, jaws and spreaders, air packs and a variety of other equipment. 

2512 – 2001 Braun E450 Ambulance
2502 – 2004 Braun E450 Ambulance  

Each ambulance has life saving equipment including, heart monitors, trauma and medical supplies, ACLS medications, immobilization devices and basic firefighting equipment.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria 

This Vehicle is primarily a chase vehicle.
2500 when used by the Fire Chief.
2511 when used by other personnel.