Public Education

Smoke Detector Program


 The Mentor on the Lake Fire will provide the following services for FREE !

Check the operation, and placement of your existing smoke detectors and provide batteries (if needed)
Install smoke detectors that you have purchased but not installed.
Provide and install a new smoke detector, free of charge. The cost of the detector and supplies are the result of the generous donations of civic minded individuals, companies, and organizations.
To schedule this service please call the Fire Prevention Office at  440-257-7223

Why Do You Need Smoke Detectors?

In Ohio there is a residential fire every half hour.
Fires occur most often when people are sleeping. When we are sleeping our senses are turned down or shut off.  We can’t smell smoke! We need something to wake us up!
Over 75% of fire deaths occur in residences.
The installation of just one smoke detector doubles your chance for escaping a nighttime fire.
Smoke detectors provide early warning, increasing chances for survival & allowing the Fire Department to save more property.